The Day I Had A Political Debate with a Potential Mate

Posted on July 12, 2013


It should be the night, actually. But, does it matter? This happened about a month or so.

My friends and I went to a club. When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was how it was not a just-us-friends night. It was more like a bring-your-significant-other night. Sure it’s nice how my friends thought about bringing their SO’s, but seriously, what about us singles? Four of our circle had boyfriends/girlfriends, two of us were singles.

tequilaThey have already started with the tequila shots so I had to catch up with them. I blame my being late with the traffic. Always blame it to the traffic, even if it’s not. After I finished downing 10 shots of tequila with only a few milliseconds in between, I felt a little tipsy, which meant I was good to go to the dance floor. A few of us did and showed our latest dance moves. I may have used to dance a while back, but I was never really good at free-styling or club-dancing. I was moving my hips here and there and pretended to be some straight dude dancing and making myself look good.

At the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of some guys entering through the large door of the club. One of them, with piercing eyes, looked directly at me. He was totally checking me out, I hoped. I couldn’t see much of his features, I only noticed how good he looked in his shirt and with his scruffy hair. He looked lean and clean.

They sat down at a table just a few tables away from ours. After they settled down, I decided to go back to our table while maintaining the flirtatious glances at him. He didn’t seem to notice me as our eyes never met again. At this point, I didn’t care if he was checking me out, I only went back to our table to save myself of some whatever dignity I have left. Also because I was sweating and a cute guy is sitting near our table, looking fresh and cool. I took the seat that was most convenient for possible eye contact, or just to stare at him. I could only see his profile, but it was good enough to make me swoon over him. Thinking of conversations that we could possibly have.

After what felt like another dozen of tequila shots, I decided to go to the bar and get a bottle of water to re-hydrate. When I reached the bar, I chickened out on the water and ordered some cola instead. I was sitting there alone, minding my own business, when suddenly he sat right next to me. After what felt like an eternity of awkwardness and hesitation, I motioned on going back to our table. Nothing seemed to be happening there. But, I was stopped when he opened his mouth, talked and introduced himself. He had a voice so beautiful, it seemed like one of those that belonged to voice overs for commercials. He talked to me while directly looking straight into my eyes. I was melting inside.

We were talking about many things, the conversations seemed flowing, yet, I was very conscious because of his godliness and I was just a mere mortal. He looked like one of those models from fashion magazines, who’d spent most of their days either in the gym or in the spa. He looked 23 but he is actually already 28. He looked like an idiotic charmer, but is actually a witty persona. If jaw lines could cut, I would have bled to death. He had a cute smile, and a beautiful face like Bradley Cooper with a little David Beckham, and maybe add in some Matt Bomer to the mix. Maybe it was just the amount of alcohol I had drank, or perhaps the strobe lights, or the deafening music played by the DJ, but I was totally digging him.

Suddenly, he blurted out the words, “So, are you a democrat or republican?”

I was like, SAY WHAT? “Does it matter?” I never really like talking about politics or political beliefs and what not. Politics in general is not an enjoyable matter for me.

“A little.”, he added.

After what felt like an eternity of silence, I was finally able to mutter some, scratch that, I was finally able to deliver my speech or my little talk.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t care. We live in a country where the leaders believe of equal rights, and that our laws are made by the people and for the people. Yet, the leaders are very conservative to the point of not giving equal rights to many minorities in the country. If I may ask you, if you were a serious democrat, don’t say you have nothing to agree on with republicans? Our political views, no matter how solid the foundation is, no matter how much we believe in something, there will come a point where we’d change them, or at least agree with the other team, when it either becomes personal or when we get confused. Agree?”

He just nodded. After that I walked away and never talked to him again. Now, I’m wondering if that was a bad idea. LOL.

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