The Day My Sister and I Went Jogging

Posted on July 8, 2013


jogging1My sister and I have been planning to have an early morning run or jog for weeks –  make that a month. We’ve already made a schedule to wake up at 5 AM every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (no Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have classes early). The problem was not waking up at 5 AM, because we can, we always set our alarms at 5:00 or 5:30 AM – the problem was to actually wake up and have the motivation to wake the other person to run.

Finally, after so many attempts at waking up to go for a run, I was finally able to wake myself up and my sister. At the back of my mind, I still had some hopes that she would say no and just sleep.

I knocked at her bedroom door and shouted, “Sis! It’s 5 in the morning. You sure you want to do this?”

I was hoping she would say no. Unfortunately, she didn’t. These were her exact words. “I don’t, but since we’re both awake, let’s just do it.” Way to look on the bright side sis.

After that, we went to prepare ourselves for running –  washed our faces, gargled, put on our running shoes and some exercise clothes. What I had on was a running singlet with sleeves that I got when my siblings and I joined a marathon. Actually, scratch that, it wasn’t much of a marathon, it was more of “Run for A Cause” and for some “Walk for A Cause”. So yeah, we didn’t run fast enough to actually win a prize, but we were ahead of about half the participants so it was still fun watching them breath our dust. I also wore my loose fitting shorts and of course my running shoes. My sister had a sleeveless shirt on and a short shorts.

Little did we know that it was so cold outside, we never even thought about it. Who knew it would be that cold at 5 AM in the Philippines? Like, seriously! It was too late to go back to the house because we already locked the front door and neither of us brought our keys and cellphones. Seriously, it wasn’t that cold to the point where we could see our breaths, but it was colder than the usual early mornings.

We walked until we got to our subdivision’s gate. We didn’t run or jog until then because the road was a little rocky and unstable. When we finally reached the gate, I told my sister, “We’ll start with a little jog first.” I suggested that because the a few feet away from the gate was a slightly steep slope about 20 or so feet that we had to get over to be able to go where we wanted to jog. We initially planned to go to the St. Jude’s Chapel and go around it a few times, after that go somewhere else and run back. After we reached the top, I told her that we would sprint for about five seconds then jog again. We did, and oh Lord did she already get tired. You would never guess that she is out of shape when you look at her. She seems fit, but for her to actually get tired just because of that was a little funny.

We jogged again and walked and run (no longer sprinting). By the time we reached the chapel, we no longer felt the cold morning air but it was still not hot enough to get our blood boiling. For the first lap around the chapel, we walked halfway then jog the other half. The second lap, we jogged all the way through. By the end of the second lap, my sister was already very tired, but I was still not satisfied. I managed to convince her to continue for another lap. After that, I tried convincing her to go to the other end of village (our subdivision is part of another village). She declined, obviously, she could no longer go on. So I finally said, “Ok, we’ll go back. But we won’t be walking, we’ll jog and run and maybe a little bit of brisk walking.”

When we arrived home, after some cool down stretching, I went to my room to get some home work-out like push-ups, curl-ups, squats, sit-ups, weight lifting – you know, the basics. After that, I went downstairs to talk to my sister about going for another run the next day, I found out she passed out in her room. She was pretty damn tired. When she woke up for lunch, I asked her if we’d go for another run the next day. She happily declined. She whined about being sore and all that. I just laughed at her, and realized she was really out of shape. So I told her that we won’t run, but we’ll definitely run again on Wednesday, IF WE’LL BE ABLE TO WAKE UP. LOL.

*If you’re wondering about the picture, I just Googled it. Both of us didn’t have our phones when we went jogging, so we didn’t get to take our pre-to-post-jog-pictures.

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