Posted on July 7, 2013


Think of something that you can’t live without, or perhaps your life will be incomplete without having or possessing it. The feeling is weakening, doesn’t it? People like us, no matter how much we deny it, has a little sense of materialism, or for some, favorites. Whenever we see it, or doing it makes our day complete. All the bad vibes you have will be gone in an instance. You’re blabbering around because you like to tell stories about your life or somebody else’s. Whether you are singing in the shower or in front of thousands of people. Acting in front of the camera or on stage. Perhaps reading a good book in the corner? Or would you rather draw or write your thoughts on a piece of paper? All of us have favorites, and I have my own, too.

A famous French poet, novelist and dramatist in the late 18th century, Victor Hugo, once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be said and which it is impossible to be silent.” For professional singers and instrumentalists, it serves as their source of income and a way to inspire other people. When I was very young, I used to sing a lot and dance to any kind of music. I used to sing Whitney Houston and Celine Dion songs because of my high range voice (too bad I lost that when I hit puberty, bummer). In my elementary and high school days, I used to dance a lot during presentations and festivities, either at school or at my hometown. I guess my love for music is more inclined on my dancing than in singing – and you’ll know why I picked dancing than singing when you hear me singing. LOL.

My passion for music changed and evolved as I aged. I let go of the fact that I can’t sing like I used to because puberty was not particularly giving on that aspect. So, I continued my passion inclining more into dancing. But, as much as I wanted to, I never really went to have any dance lessons and such. My parents were the typical Asian parents, “Academics more than Arts”. I focused a lot of my energy on my studies, but music and dance never left my thoughts even until this day.dance

I don’t dance as much as I used to, but if given the chance to study dance I would in a heartbeat. Would I choose it as a career? Definitely, I’d take that gamble because it’s something I love doing. Sometimes, though, I wonder if it’s too late to really study dance, then I remind myself, “It never is. I’m still young compared to about 80 or 90% of the world population.”

Other than music and dance, I really love to write. For some, they draw what it’s their head. I tried it before, it didn’t end well. There’s just something about writing, like a rope around my waist pulling me to write about my thoughts. The joys of organizing everything on my head or on paper and the euphoria of thoughts flowing my my mind to my fingers is just amazing. Writing doesn’t only begin with a thought and end with a period, it stats with experiences that once changed us, to the lives that those strokes of ink has touched and inspired but it never closes. I love to spend time writing editorials and expressing what I feel or what I believe in. To inspire and convey my feelings to my readers and let them feel what I’m feeling as I am writing. To place those rhymes in the lines of what my heart longs to say. In writing, I found a friend who understands me for who I am. I hear no judgement. The pen (or keyboard) never scolds me for expressing what I feel. The thin sheets of paper full of my words and stories seems to give every inch of it just to hear me out. With the touch of my fingers along this keyboard, I can be Mahatma Gandhi and change the world. I can have the happy ever after every person dreams of. I can love someone without him knowing. I’m a writer and I have my own stories to tell. You and I are essays, made up of a thousand words joined together for a great reason. At times without warning, I open the floodgates and let the waves wash over me. I trace my fingertips against the rush of memories, the remnants of happier times. I wonder why things always look better in the sunlit hues of reminiscence, in the flashbacks of rhapsodies, in the ricochets of the past.

Whether it’s music, dance or in words, we all have our passions that we’d like to share to the world. Whether we pursue it or not is on our own prerogative. Whether we keep it concealed in the deepest parts of our hearts, we are unique because of it. We love. We do. We live.