Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

Posted on June 22, 2013




This week the word is RHYTHM. Such a wonderful word, isn’t it?


I sit around a corner with nothing on my mind, nothing to do. I tried to think of new ideas, but came up with nothing. I tried walking around the house a bit, just to check if there are things that I might see doing.

I go to my room, there I find books piled in my shelf, some papers for school that I left last night on the table, my bed made neatly and my closet, well, not as organized as other people. I stared at my closet for a while, weighing on whether I should organize it properly or not. I chose not to, it’s not that unorganized, I thought. I moved in to look at the papers on my table, nothing to do here, except to wait for lecture notes to be sent by our professor. I stared again at my room, seriously thinking of something to do here, something to take my mind off the boredom. I see nothing, my room is in perfect harmony with everything around it. I can’t seem to find anything that doesn’t fit the rhythm in it, if I try to alter one thing, it might disrupt the room’s rhythm. That I would not like to happen, it’s not just a bedroom after all, it’s where I study and I’d rather study in a place in perfect harmony with my mind.

I tried going back to the living room, sat down on the sofa and went straight back to where I started. Seems like everything around me is in perfect harmony. Why not accept the fact that there is nothing I can do? I was so wrong in thinking that. There’s a lot of things to do. I can walk the dogs around the area, watch some TV, fire up the computer, do some exercise, sleep, but I opted not to. Part of it is probably because I’m getting lazy because of the hot weather, but mostly, because sitting here induces me to be in rhythm with everything around me. Everything still, calm and relaxing.


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