Heart. Mind. Soul.

Posted on June 19, 2013


Art by Daina White

Vibrational Heart Healing – Sounds Of Radiant Joy ‘ Purity Of Heart ‘ Soul ‘ Mind And Body Aligned by Daina White

I painted myself a new canvas of thoughts. My head is in jumbles, my heart running amok and my soul confused. Either I follow my heart, for the love that I have. Or I follow my head, because it fits the norms of reality. Or I console my soul, and believe that fate will make everything fine.

It is another rainy day, and I have nothing else to do, but think. Think of what has been going on in my life. Reflect on what is important. But, what if the most important thing to you right now won’t be as important in the future? Would you risk everything you have right now to go somewhere?

I’ve been asked this questions a couple of times in the past few days. I’m quite sure what to do. I’m not so sure about giving up my life here to start fresh somewhere else. I wonder if it is worth the risk. Knowing no one, but one person. One person who seems to make everything clear. Someone who makes all your worries seem like child’s play. Someone. Your soul mate. But, is this person really the one? The risk I would be taking would be too much for my little heart. I would be leaving everything and everyone behind. I would be leaving school, not get a degree here and would have to start over to get another one somewhere else. Somewhere everything is very new, like I’m in a whole new universe. I would also be leaving my friends. The people whom I have shared many memories with, both good and bad. But, most importantly, I would be leaving my family. The people who are dearest to my heart. Is it worth it?

I’d like to believe it is. Another problem then arises, would everybody else be fine with it? That I don’t know. I’m afraid of what they would say and how they may react. Hopefully, they will be. Hopefully, everything goes all too well.

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