Five Minute Friday: Friend

Posted on April 28, 2013




It’s a new week and a new word for Five Minute Friday! This week the word is FRIEND.


I consider a lot of people as my friend. New acquaintances. People I’ve struck a conversation and might never see again. Classmates from primary school. Classmates from secondary school. Classmates in college. People from work. Family. FRIENDS.

But, among those people, there is always a few who stand out. That would be my best friends. These are the people who, I may not see as often as before, yet I know are always there when I need them. These are the people who I treat as my second family. These are the people who will always have my back. Sure, people will say that friends come and go, and when you need them the most they just instantly disappear. But, I trust these people enough to know that they would never abandon me. In fact, they never had. They may not risk their lives for me, but I know they would do anything to help me when I am in danger without putting their selves on the line. I know I would for them.

Sometimes I would tell myself if they really are the people who I think they are. What I would just do is close my eyes and think of the things we had done together, the memories that we created and the moments that we had each other’s back.


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