Five Minute Friday: Jump

Posted on April 20, 2013




I got a little too busy this week and was at able to participate with the daily prompts from Daily Post. I also forgot about Five Minute Friday and that’s why my entry is a day late. But, nevertheless, at least I’ll be able to post something even with the very busy week! Today, the prompt word is JUMP.


Life is full of surprises and so many paths that we can take. Some paths lead us to new crossroads and some intersects with the path others took. Some we may even share. Some obstacles we may be able to overcome by crawling or by reaching to the stars. Some we may need the help of others.

But, the point is we either continue on without skipping a beat. At times, we may just want to jump to the next path because we are too tired. Never forget that challenges are the beauty that life gives us. They give us excitement and the feeling of contentment. Jumping to other new things, without finishing the former, may lead to even bigger problems that we could no longer overcome. Life is meant to be taken slowly. Life is meant to take time and to enjoy ourselves. Life is not about jumping from one place to another, but life is about leaving marks as we go on.


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