Decisions, Decisions

Posted on April 12, 2013



 Tonight is one of those dull nights that I have nothing to do. I can hear the fan behind the noise that the TV is making. A replay of High School Musical 3: Senior Year is on. It’s an old movie, I know, but, re-watching it AGAIN got me thinking about the choices I had made when I was a senior in high school and was about to go to college. Like Troy Bolton, I had a lot of options to choose from – a lot of opportunities that were open. Back then, I applied for 3 of the top universities here in the Philippines, 2 of which were out of town.

It was not very difficult to enter the local university (USC). I applied for an engineering course here. For the other two universities, UST and UP, I applied for a course in education (major in math and chemistry). I don’t know much about these two universities, but they are great schools and they are both difficult to get into, especially UP. My parents did not know about my application to the two schools because I knew that they would not be 100% sure about me enrolling in them because it would mean that I’d be away from home. So, I decided that I would only tell them if I got accepted, and I did. It was really hard to make a decision on which college I would go to. My dad wanted me to choose UP. My mom wanted USC. I wanted UST. It took me about two weeks to make a decision. TWO VERY LONG WEEKS. In the end, I decided to go to USC and took a course in engineering.


Sometimes I think about how different my life would have been right now if I didn’t choose USC. I sometimes wonder if I would have the kind of friends I have today or would I have had the same experiences. It’s never easy to make decisions, especially if the choice you have to make is practically your steering wheel towards your future.

For most people, they try to reason with themselves. Which ones are best? And which ones would rather be just an option? For some, they just go with their gut and hope for the best. So, how do I decide? I think about the pros and cons of making very important decisions. I take a pad and list down. Then, I rate how good the pros are and how bad the cons are. But, most often than not, the pros and cons thing does not really matter. In the end, I think things through and ask for the opinion of others and listen to what they have to say. People may have different opinions about your options, but, it sometimes help me realize what I really want. Sometimes, in my head, while listening to people, I would either disagree or agree with them. Sometimes, I would realize what I already wanted in the first place, but was just too afraid to go for it.

It also helps to flip a coin, especially for things that need immediate decisions, like which diner to eat, or which shop to buy clothes, or which movie to watch. It may not seem that important, but these little decisions that we make can still change our future. We’ll never know if we’ll meet the most amazing person in the diner, or be able to help someone with what to buy, or be disappointed with the movie we just watched and regret spending 200 pesos for it. How does flipping a coin, you ask? Well, lucky for you, I’m feeling like the most generous person tonight. The basics would still apply, you choose which one is heads and which is tails. But, the real magic happens when the coin is in the air. For that very quick and small moment, if you just clear your head of everything – except of those choices you can’t immediately choose from, a small thought pops in your head. That thought, is what you want. It no longer matters if the coin is heads or tails, it doesn’t even matter if you caught the coin, or if what you were thinking was one of the choices. What matters is what you want.

I for one would rather choose what I want and be happy and risk facing the consequences, than to choose something that I don’t really want and live having to regret missing the opportunity to be happy (even for a little while).

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