Chasing Rainbows and Falling Stars

Posted on April 11, 2013


So what now?

The question popped in my head as the sun gazes at me and the soft roar of the car vividly reminds me of the things I used to love and the people that were once dear in my heart. Sounds funny, but, in these moments, where I just sit back while my brother drives through the busy highway, where I just think of random stuff, I came to be so emotional and melancholic. In these nostalgic moments, I remember the good old days.

Was it a year ago?

Perhaps, I used to go out during Friday and Saturday nights. Just to hang out with my friends and party. You know, the whole nine yards of being young and carefree. Me and my friends used to drive around the city and try new things like food, bars, clubs, shops or anything that we feel like doing. Sometimes, we even go beyond the borders of the city and go to the province, just to check famous sites and tourist spots. Such sweet memories to remember.

But, as the year went by, our hang outs together became less and less. As some of us were almost graduating from college, some fell in love and some had other priorities to think about. As we grew up, these memories will be forever etched in our hearts and minds. The trust, respect, fun, laughter and sorrow that our friendship has molded over the years will always have that special place in my heart. Amazing, right? The heart is just a muscle that pumps oxygen throughout our system, yet it remembers the most thrilling moments of our past.

For some of them, graduation was all they could think of. They put aside other things except for school and requirements and exams. I don’t hate or resent for doing so, I think it’s good to think about the future and put other things on hold. We all need to grow up sometime.

Before I knew it, we were already at home and my brother turned of the engine. The silence reverted me back to where I am.

Life is really interesting. You honestly don’t know what will happen next. Life can be a fairy tale that unicorns exist and falling stars grant your hearts request. What the heck, I know I am alive and I am happy. Who knows that falling star will grant my heart’s request. And who knows, I might eventually see a unicorn tonight .

Art by Christine Manuela Moje

Art by Christine Manuela Moje

So many things has happened in my life, whether with my old buddies or the new. I like how things are going. I may not go out as much as I used to, but, it gave  me a new perspective in life. Life is simpler and I am more contented with what I have now. But, I do miss those old days.

I am neither a saint nor an angel, I am just a plain human being trying to embrace life. To all my friends that has been a part of my so-called life, thank you! To the people that I will still meet, nice to meet you! To the new memories together!

LIFE should be shared and enjoyed, so create memories, good and bad. It is alright to chase rainbows and butterflies but never forget to put your feet on the ground.

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