How much for LOVE?

Posted on April 9, 2013


“When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long,
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong,
Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed that with the sun’s love
In the spring becomes the rose.”

                                                              – The Rose By Bette Midler

Nobody is ever prepared to love. Love comes and love goes. But, when love does come, how much are we willing to give? If I were to answer that question, I won’t know what I would say. I’d probably give it a day’s thought, but still that wouldn’t be enough nor will probably get that answer. I’ll be in an emotional turmoil.

A storm in a glass of water. Yet, whatever happens and whoever sent my feelings to war, I’ll continue to believe in love and the adventures it brings. Maybe I’m stupid. Maybe it’s just my youth. Maybe it’s just me being a hopeless romantic. But, maybe I trust in love to give me a chance.

Love hurts. It stabs you in the back and brings out your insecurities. It makes us vulnerable and feel so weak. But, it is in our vulnerability that allows us to love –  and it is the greatest feeling of all. I did once fell in love. Indeed, it felt great until it lasted. I gave it my all and yet, I was not prepared of what happened next. I was in a wreck and afraid. It felt like a thousand tiny needles stabbing and poking my heart. For that very short moment, it took a while to get over.



Am I still willing to give it another shot? YES!

How much will I be willing to give this time? Everything?

Is everything enough? YES!

Am I afraid of getting hurt? Who isn’t?

Just knowing, that someone out there loves you the way you love them gives us that wonderful feeling of security and assertion. It makes us feel whole. No matter how much we have suffered and how much we have to endure, I would go through all that again. It’s worth it not to let go. To fight. To believe. Once we find that great and true love, we will never lose. Love is made of courage. Courage to face all our fears of the turmoils that love brings us. In love, we are not alone. We will have someone there beside us. If you’re destined for each other, the world can end – but at least you are not alone. It’s better to drown together than to burn alone.

Sometimes people just need more time to get it, unlike other people. Not because they are insensitive, but because they are afraid. Afraid to take that risk that accompanies love. Afraid to take their hand into the fiery borders of self-destruction. Afraid to lose their selves.

Someday, we’ll overcome our fears and we’ll finally experience what true love is. When we love a love too big, we won’t get burnt, and our feelings will be big enough to overcome our fears. To love against all odds. Someday, we’ll get our courage back and leave the past as past. With renewed strength, with wounds that has healed, and with stronger resolution to fall in love again. Someday, we’ll courageously laugh in the face of our once was wonderful yet tiring fate. Someday, we’ll find our happily ever after.

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