Sentimental Love

Posted on April 5, 2013


One of the reasons why people get so sentimental is because of the fond memories we share with the people around us. The memories that we share with people won’t change, while everything else does, nor will they disappear, like dust in the wind. We may forget them at times, but something may trigger those memories. When we remember them, we either laugh, cry, frown, get angry or simply, just smile.


However, there are things in life that we can’t always hold forever, no matter how hard we fight. Destiny is not always forgiving, it plays with us. When you meet someone whom you’ll learn to love, we may think that it was destiny that made our paths cross. But, what if making your paths cross is just a part of the game that destiny creates for us? In the end, you’ll realize that it was never really meant to be.  It was just that destiny wanted to let us feel what love is and how much it would hurt when it is over.

It’s never easy to find reasons why we fall out of love, nor is it easy to find reasons why we fall in love. We simply do. We are just human beings. Some people may think that we are just looking for excuses, while, some may not believe us. Some may even blame us for hurting someone. It’s not as if we didn’t get hurt, too, right? After all, we can never earn something that is never ours, so why hold on?

Nothing lasts forever. Forever is nothing but a lie. A lie that people came up with to have something to look up to. Everything in this world is transitory. When we have something in our hands, we should try to make the best out of it. To cherish every moment. To know that the time that we have is just borrowed and that someday it will disappear. To know that it also doesn’t take eternity for us to get over it, for our hearts to mend.

They say that love is magical (it truly is!), but magic is nothing but an illusion. Human as we are, we are limited by our emotions, and when we get hurt, we’d wish that we’d never experience pain ever again – to never feel betrayed or disappointed. To never again let our fragile hearts be broken. But, the same thought also means that we’ll never know what true love is. We’ll never know how it feels to love and be loved. Opening our hearts may be scary, but we’ll get to see a whole new world again. When we love someone, it’s always wise to take a moment and just breathe. Life is not a race, so enjoy the ride!


Someday, we’ll all be looking back to those days when we learned how to love, when we got hurt, when we cried and when we struggled. When that time does come, we’ll be laughing at our old selves, realizing how stupid we were for fighting for something that was never really ours. Should we regret it? Of course, not! Without our stupidity, we’d never learn. Mistakes make our journey more fun and worthwhile. Life is what we make it. Love makes the world go round. So, live, laugh, love and take whatever life gives us.