Family or Friends?

Posted on April 2, 2013


Who knows you more? Who listens to you? Who do you open up to? Who makes you smile more? Who do you enjoy being with more? Who do you care about? Family? Or friends?


It is easier to open up to my friends than to my family. It is harder to tell your family about who you are and what your thoughts are, because of the fear that you would disappoint them. They are your family after all. Once they’re gone, they are still your family (whether you like it or not). Unlike friends, you can have as much as you want. They may leave you, they may or may not come back, but there will always be other people around to be your friends.

So who is more important to you? Your family, or your friends?


I’m not really close to my family as much as I am with my friends. I just think that my friends know me more, than my family. My family and I talk, but not really into personal things. There are certain things about me that my family does not know, or they pretend to not know. For example, I’m gay. Does my family know? I think so. We never really talked about it, but I’m sure they have their suspicions. I don’t think I’ll be having that conversation anytime soon. I’m still waiting for that “perfect opportunity”. Does my friends know? Of course they do. Most of my friends are straight, by the way. But, I do talk to them about me being gay.


I can say that I have tons of friends. Not just a circle, but it’s more like the logo of the Olympics but with more rings inter-looping each other. I have my high school friends know too much about me. Then, my college friends, who knows me but not that deep. I do cherish them for being there. To comfort me when I’m sad. To smile with me when I’m happy. But, I would never replace my family for them. I love my family. I love my parents and my siblings. I may not open up to them compared to my friends. But, I know, someday, when I tell them who I am, they’ll still love me today like they did yesterday. After all, “friends come and go, family is forever.”

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